Career Services

Career Guidance Program

At Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy we provide students with a Career Guidance Program. We feel that one of the most important aspects of our academy is the Career Services Department, which is  designed to guide students through the intimidating process of finding a job. Our ultimate goal is for all  graduates to feel confident and adequately prepared for the interviewing and hiring process.  

 Accelerated Dental has established four methods to assist our students in the interviewing and hiring  process:

 1. Develop a Professional Resume’

 Step 1:

Upon enrolling in our course, students will be contacted by one of our Career Coaches. From there, they will have the opportunity to begin the process of creating a unique cover letter and  resume.  

 Step 2:

To participate in the Career Guidance Program, the student must submit their resume to a Career Coach at

 Step 3:

Students will then begin communication with their coach in the development of their resumes and cover letters.

 Step 4:

Once completed, Accelerated Dental will save these documents to be presented with the student’s graduation awards and to be included in our Referral Network.

 2. Prepare for Interview Questions

 We want to prepare our students to perform with excellence in the interviewing process.

 Step 1:

Prepare for difficult interview questions - Students that have predetermined answers to the most common interview questions will perform significantly better in the interview process. Accelerated  Dental will provide students with a list of these questions.

 Step 2:

Students will then answer these questions and email them back to their Career Coach for evaluation and assistance. 

 Step 3:  

Practice answering questions - In the clinical portion of the course, students will have the opportunity to practice mock interviews with their peers.

 Step 4: 

At the end of the course, the instructor will conduct a bonus mock interview for each student. This will be for a possible 10 bonus points added to the final exam.

 3. Interview Etiquette

 We will coach our students on the proper ways to present themselves as professionals and unique  candidates.

 Step 1:

Accelerated Dental will give students Interview Etiquette Cheat Sheets. 

 Step 2:

Students will need to make any necessary adjustments to their personal accounts and begin applying these concepts to ensure that the interview process is a success.

 4. Referral Network & Job Search Program

 Referral Network:

A large group of dentist that use our academy as a resource for   hiring. This group of doctors are in agreement with Accelerated Dental to contact us when they are in need of dental assistants. In return, we refer our most qualified and motivated graduates.

 Job Search Program:

Accelerated Dental will supply each student with job searching avenues such as online job search engines, full service staffing companies, and local recruiting advertisements. 

Our goal is to provide our students with opportunities for interviews and to get their name out to the dental industry. Our efforts are provided to the graduates who choose to participate in our Career Guidance Program.